pH Balanced Limestone from Mountain Gate Quarry

Mountain Gate Quarry contains the highest-quality limestone in the entire North State. Our rock is used extensively by engineers around California for numerous projects, including roadway construction. We have the only rock in the are that meets CalTrans specifications for bridge construction. Our agricultural lime is also used in farming and other agricultural applications to provide a balanced pH for the soil ecosystem.

This limestone is environmentally friendly and can be used in any scale construction product without worry about the impact on the surrounding ecology. Call us for an estimate for your project that needs pH-balanced limestone.

Mountain Gate Quarry is located at the southern tip of the Cascade Mountain Range near Shasta Lake in Northern California. We have been providing the region with commercial and residential limestone products since 1988. We are locally owned and operated and partner with White Rock Trucking to haul our limestone products to your location. Call us today for a quote or use the form here on the website.