Mountain Gate Quarry Other Products

Clean Concrete Dumping

Mountain Gate Quarry accepts clean concrete dumping, by the ton. 2-foot minus:    $11.00/ton2-foot & above: $16.50/ton Note: clean concrete only, no steel or contaminants.

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Buy our clean concrete dumping for:$11 /tonContact Us for bulk pricing

Certified Scale Ticket

Our facilities at Mountain Gate Quarry are equipped with public scales certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM). Whether you’re an owner-operator looking for a certified scale ticket, a business owner looking for larger applications, or an individual in need of weighing a heavy load, we can provide you with weight certification. Our scales are open daily . Our certified operators will…

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Buy our certified scale ticket for:$16.50 /each print outContact Us for bulk pricing

Recycled FIll Material

Recycled fill material is perfect for any situation which you need a large amount of cheap rock to fill an area. It can be mixed with other rocks, sand, or other materials. Use our recycled fill material as a low-cost alternative to other expensive rocks. Note: may include concrete and asphalt.

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Buy our recycled fill material for:$10.00 /tonContact Us for bulk pricing

Concrete Mix

Concrete mix for any industrial application. Our concrete mix is made with our quarter-inch base and our half-inch crushed limestone. At $17.00 a ton, you’ll want to keep on constructing with this for years! Note: mix of 1/4″ base and 1/2″ crushed.

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Buy our concrete mix for:$17.00 /tonContact Us for bulk pricing

PG&E Fill Sand

Our fill sand meets PG&E specifications for backfill sand, making it perfect for any construction project where you’re looking for imported sand. Whether you’re digging trenches for electrical cable, putting in conduits, or laying gas pipe, fill sand from Mountain Gate Quarry will provide a solid earth foundation.

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Buy our pg&e fill sand for:$24.75 /tonContact Us for bulk pricing