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Our History

Mountain Gate Quarry has been providing the Northern California area with high quality rock and earth products since 1988. We are the North State’s most reliable quarry and construction product location.

Our specialty is our unique pH-balanced limestone, whose environmental friendliness makes it a perfect choice for the enviro-conscious engineer or construction crew. This limestone comes from the foothills of the southern Cascade Mountains, in a large deposit near Shasta Lake. We carry our special pH-balanced limestone in many diameters, including aglime, 3/4" base, and many larger gauges. View our sieve reports here.

For residential applications, we also offer high-quality fill dirt from the Shasta Lake ecosystem. This dirt is balanced and is ideal for landscaping, home gardening, and independent contractor work.

Our scales are certified by Weights and Measures and we offer certified scale tickets for any application.

About Corkey Harmon, Owner

My name is Makenzie Harmon. My dad, Corkey Harmon was born in Redding, California in 1960 and is a third generation resident of Shasta County. He is the owner of several closely affiliated local businesses including:

Dick Stimpel and Bill Wiebelhaus, the original founders and owners of SWA, established a plan that has allowed the company to continue after their retirement.

Even as far back as high school he was driven to be an entrepreneur. In his early twenties, he started his first business, and has continued pursuing his goals as a business owner for over thirty years. During the course of his career he has overseen numerous large construction projects including dams, highway repair and improvements, storm damage repair, and multi-million dollar projects like the Highway 50 Interchange at Folsom near Sacramento. He has also supervised many construction projects throughout Redding and the surrounding area.

His family and strong dedicated teams of employees have been the backbone of his business operations. When he isn’t working, he loves to spend time with his wife Cindy and three children including myself, Chelsea and Marshall. My brother Marshall is currently attending college in Construction Management, planning the next generation in his dads business. My dad’s love for God, his family and friends runs deep. He is a great man, and I wish there were more people like him in the world, because if there was, I know the world would undoubtedly be a better place.

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